Ms. Cline paints with a love
that is matched by her skill.
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Commissioned Portrait Paintings in Pastel and Oil
Muskegon, Michigan
A portrait painting can
elegantly preserve a
memory of:

-- a specialphase of life

-- a wedding,
graduation, or other
special event

-- a talent, sport, or

-- a favorite pet, with or
without its owner
I am a Western Michigan artist specializing in portrait
paintings in pastel and oil.  I am best known for my
paintings of children, teens, and families in garden
and beach environments.   The nearby Lake Michigan
beaches act as wonderful backdrops for many of the
portrait paintings that you will see on this website.

I try to make the portrait process easy and
uncomplicated for my customers, so that they may
enjoy commissioning and owning a portrait painting
without a great investment of time, effort, or money
on their part.  Additionally, satisfaction is guaranteed.  

My typical portraits are large works that I paint after
conducting a photo session with the subjects at the
location of their choice.  The photo sessions are not
difficult and last only an hour or so.   The client and I
then together choose the most suitable photos to use
as references to create the painting.  I can also work
from the customer's photographs if they are of good
enough quality.  

A good portrait painting is more than just "copying"
photos.  The photos of the subjects need to be
interpreted and painted in an artistic manner, while
remaining true to the subject's features and
character.  Creative artistic license is often used to
rearrange and sometimes invent backgrounds for a
more pleasing effect.  The portrait painting is typically
more vibrant and colorful than the photograph(s),
giving a more lifelike effect.  Also, compositionally the
portrait painting must be able to stand on its own as
an interesting work of art.  A well-executed portrait
painting will bring warmth and distinction to your
home, as well as preserve memories for a lifetime.

I  hope you will enjoy looking at the paintings that I
have chosen for this website.  Please feel free to
e-mail me with questions or comments.
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Wanda Cline
Welcome to my website
My painting is temporarily
suspended due to a
serious reoccurance of
breast cancer.  I hope to
return to painting in the
future, and am leaving
this site up with that
goal in mind.
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