On August 30, 2009, I ended up quite unexpectedly in the
hospital with paralysis from my ribcage down, due to the breast
cancer metastasizing into my upper spine.  The mysterious pain
I'd been experiencing all summer fell in between my oncology
appointments, and it was not recognized for what it was by other

I was in the hospital for six weeks, during which time I first
received radiation for ten days
, and then rehabilitation to learn to
adapt to life in a wheelchair until I can eventually get on my feet
again. I
slowly was working toward that goal with some success
with physical therapy.  I was walking with a walker, and even
rode a bike once with special stbilizing wheels on it this summer.

Now, however, things have regressed all of a sudden,  I have a
lot of pain once again, and tests show the cancer to be spreading
quickly.  There is a reknown clinic in Houston that I would love
to be treated at.  It is the Stanislaw Burzynski clinic,
www.burzynskiclinic.com, and they do gene therapy with actual
cures happening in a great many of the cases.  However, it costs
about $15,000 to get started.  Fortunately, I think they can tell
you after only about $5,000 if they should be able to help you.  
The wonderful thing is that typically after 4 to 24 months of
treatment, the cancer is"gone" for all practical purposes.  They
take people at all different stages of their cancer, just as long as
they are able to get to Houston and are not bedridden.

Funny, because I've had  so much pain on and off over the last
year that I've wanted to end my life in order to end the pain.  
But, now that I am faced with that "sentence" but not by choice,
I feel like I'd like to live and enjoy many more years, especially if
I can walk like I was starting to do last summer and have the
pain under control.

Donations are greatly appreciated.
In fact, I wouldn't be able to
get there with out help!
 I thank you sincerely and wish you all
the best of health and good fortune.

-Wanda Cline

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