Why Choose Natural Methods?
There is real hope for healing for those willing to make a commitment to their
health and recovery.  The protocol I am following  works to heal not only cancer,
but also heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other health conditions.

April 2008  (Updated November 2009)
"Let food
be your
(460-377 BC)
the founding
father of natural
More About Me
Before my cancer
returned, I was busy
painting portraits.
I hope to return to it
one of these days.
Dr. Johanna Budwig
This is an open letter to anyone affected by cancer or with a general interest in maintaining his
or her health.  My name is Wanda Cline, and I am an artist and church organist living in North
Muskegon, Michigan.  I’ve been battling a serious form of breast cancer since May of 2002,
using both traditional and alternative methods.

From 2007 to 2009, I've been treating my Stage 4 breast cancer naturally, with exceptionally
good results until a recent reoccurance in my spine that I attribute to a huge amount of stress
and not monitoring myself closely enough.  Even though the cancer did reoccur recently, I had
two wonderful years of treating it naturally successfully at a time when chemotherapy was no
longer working. I have opted to share my methods, because I feel that they are very valid and
effective when combined with appropriate monitoring.  

I strongly feel that the average cancer patient can greatly benefit from becoming more well-
informed.  I feel so sad when I so often hear of people dying of cancer after trying many
chemotherapies, without considering other options that could possibly have made a difference.  
Seeing this so often moves me to want to speak out on the subject, hence this “letter” that will
hopefully illustrate that there are valid ways to heal cancer other than chemotherapy, radiation,
and surgery.   Some people are aware of this, of course, but I think most people are not.

When people are first diagnosed with cancer, they are generally rushed into making decisions by
oncologists and surgeons, and by their own sense of urgency and fear.  In reality it is best to
take a little time to research one's options before jumping ahead with treatment.  When
researching, one should not limit themselves to the different kinds of chemo, as there are
natural therapies that can work better, quicker, more safely than chemotherapy for most
cancers.  The oncologists are simply not aware of the effectiveness of these treatments because
there is no pharmaceutical money involved to fund large studies, which is what the doctors base
their decisions on.  However, there are many, many testimonials of people who have healed
their cancer naturally, some using it as their only treatment, and others turning to it after
chemotherapy.  One caution comes into play with natural treatment, and that is the need for
personal responsibilty.  The natural program I follow works when the person follows it closely,
but you cannot depend on nurses and doctors to do it for you.  There is plenty of support,
though, in online groups of people who have had success.  

I'd like to add at the outset here, that the natural methods I am using to treat my cancer are all
very safe and quite well-proven.  I am aware that the alternative healing field can seem like a
minefield to the uninitiated, and that some alternative treatments are questionable and/or risky,
and others are outright scams.  Please rest assured that all  the elements of my protocol that I
am sharing with you are safe and well-respected, and, while they may be rather time-
consuming,  they are all doable in the comfort of your own home.  I prefer to refer to my
protocol as natural rather than alternative, because it is based on cleansing the body and
returning it to health with the correct foods.  Ultimately, I hope everyone will be inspired to do
their own research and come to their own conclusions about what is best for them.

On this page I will give some reasoning for considering natural healing, I will share my
personal cancer story, and then I will provide in detail the protocol that I used to bring about
my healing.  (Yes, it's a long page.)  At the bottom of this page I provide links to additional
helpful items, both in my web site and links to other articles.
Why Choose Natural Methods?
Here are a few reasons or situations for turning to natural treatments:  

  • In addition to chemotherapy being very toxic and damaging to your body and its immune
    system, the results from chemotherapy are often short-term. When people are declared to
    be "in remmission" it is because their cancer is no longer large enough to show up on CT
    or PET scans.  This does not mean the cancer is gone.  What it means is that the cancer
    cells have been reduced to an amount too small to show up on the scans.   Sometimes the
    body's immune system can take over and deal with the remaining cancer cells, but more
    often the cancer will start growing again, presenting as tumors months or years down the
    road.  The cancer "returns" because it was never "gone".  Eventually it becomes drug
    resistant, and then the chemotherapy options start to run out.  It is at this point that
    many people give up the fight, when, in reality, there are other approaches - natural,
    healthy treatments - that can and do (often) work.  I firmly believe an oncologist should
    tell his patient if he can no longer help him or her, and give the patient a chance to use
    other methods of treatment if so desired.

  • In an early stage cancer, one might want to consider trying the gentler, more natural
    approach before submitting to the toxic approach of chemotherapy.  Cancer can usually
    be reversed if you change the terrain in which it is growing.   (Dr. Johanna Budwig, the
    scientist who created the cancer protocol I follow, had a 90% cure rate when working
    with her cancer patients, many of whom had been taken off their deathbeds to start
    treatment.)  You can discuss with your oncologist taking two to four months to try
    natural methods first, during which time it is typical to see remarkable improvement,
    with the intention of reserving chemo for a back-up plan if you wish.  

  • Another value to natural anti-cancer protocols is to prevent the reoccurrence of a cancer
    that’s already been treated conventionally years ago.  How many people live with the
    uncertainty of a past cancer returning?  I know I did, and it's unsettling.  Later on, I'll
    talk about a very accurate, easy, inexpensive test you can take to monitor the amount of
    cancer in your body.  If you test positive,  you can then use natural means to prevent an
    explosion of the cancer if it is starting to grow again, thereby eliminating the need for
    going through the grueling chemotherapy process again.  I just recently heard the author
    of a new book on cancer, a man who wholeheartedly believes in chemotherapy, state that
    when you are finished with chemotherapy, you are not finished with treating your
    cancer.  He said you must change your diet and lifestyle to prevent a reoccurrance.

  • Chemotherapy comes with many risks and side effects.  How very many times do we read
    or hear of someone dying from "complications due to cancer"?  That usually means they
    died from the treatment.  If they died from the cancer, then they would have said such.  
    Additionally, chemotherapy and radiation can cause new cancers through DNA damage.

  • Lastly, some people use natural cancer-fighting strategies to prevent cancer in the first
    place.  They don't usually follow the entire protocol that a person with active cancer
    would, but implement parts of it and make modifications to their diet and lifestyle.  Today
    it is estimated that one out of three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

I am not totally against chemotherapy.  It can be an important tool in the treatment of cancer
in many situations.  But I also believe that natural cancer treatment protocols should have an
equal prominence for consideration when deciding one's course of treatment.  Additionally, it is
not always an “either/or” proposition regarding natural treatment versus standard medical
treatments.  There are people in my online support group who have had success with certain
aggressive cancers by following the anti-cancer diet while on chemotherapy.  The diet can make
the chemo process easier, while inflicting less damage on one’s body, and actually improve one’s
outcome over chemotherapy alone.

I myself wasn’t aware of the validity of natural treatments during my first five years as a cancer
survivor until I started researching heavily on the Internet and in books, as well as meeting
people who had been cured by alternative methods.  I was very pleasantly surprised when this
other world of healing opened up to me! I will warn you that some of the natural options can
take time and commitment, and so may not be appropriate for people that don’t want to be
proactive with their health.  However, for those who are committed to their health and healing,
it is well worth the effort.
My Cancer Story
(or "How I Came to be a One-Handed Piano Player")
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2002, at age 48.  I had six months of
chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy, and then radiation.  My cancer is HER2 positive and
hormone negative, meaning that it is much more aggressive than the more common hormone-
fueled breast cancer.  Cancer was found in two of the lymph nodes that were removed during
surgery, but cancer was not evident anywhere else in my body.

The cancer returned with a vengeance in January of 2006.  It was in my lungs, bones, and in
the brachial plexus nerves that control my left hand and arm.  I pretty much lost the use of my
left hand and arm (which was, and still is, difficult for me, being a church pianist and
organist).  The nerve damage to my hand, arm, shoulder, and pectoral muscles was
indescribably and relentlessly painful. Then, when I began chemotherapy, the pain and nerve
damage increased because chemotherapy drugs are neurotoxins (nerve damaging), some to a
greater extent than others.  My first chemo treatment after the cancer returned was just about
the saddest day of my life.  I was sobbing with pain as the drugs traveled through my veins,
killing off what was left of my already damaged nerves.   I began at that moment to feel that
there had to be better ways of dealing with cancer, but I felt so helpless and so powerless to do
anything about it.  I felt that to say no to chemo would have been a death sentence.  Oh, had I
known then what I know now!  

Well, I survived that day, and many subsequent days, of endless pain and progressive paralysis
of my hand as chemo went on.  I had to resort to narcotic painkillers for about six months until
I could wean myself off of them slowly.  My body had become addicted to them, even though
mentally and emotionally I wanted to be off of them in the worst way.  It took about two
months to get off first the pain patch and then off the Vicodin by gradually reducing the doses.  
When I tried to go off cold turkey, I had severe vomiting, diarrhea, chills, and muscle spasms.  I
continued on Tylenol and nerve medication round the clock the remainder of my time taking
chemo.  What really got me through my ordeal was the faith that there would be better days
ahead eventually.

After being on different chemotherapies for about eighteen months (during which time I almost
went into remission) chemo began to lose effectiveness.   The tumors were spreading and
growing, and becoming resistant to the last couple of chemos we’d used.  We then went to the
University of Michigan for a couple of consultations with their specialists in radiation and
oncology.  They didn’t recommend radiation on my tumors, and they felt my Muskegon
oncologist was doing the appropriate trials of chemotherapies on me.   They had nothing new to
offer me.  

It was about this time that my very nice oncologist told us, “I know what you want, and I can’t
do it for you.”   He knew we wanted a long, long remission with a good quality of life, and he
knew it wasn’t possible with current chemotherapies.  The next combination of chemo drugs I
was scheduled to try had side effects that I wasn’t happy about, and, according to the studies I
read, they only gave the patient a few months of progression-free time.  This was in spite of
being highly touted as being a breakthrough in treatment of my kind of cancer.

It was pretty clear to me what the future held for me by staying on chemotherapy at this point,
so I decided to “take a break” from chemo in June 2007, and try a natural approach for a
while.  I wanted to try natural methods before chemo totally destroyed my immune system,
since natural healing is based on rebuilding one's immune system.  I was very timid at first.  In
fact, part of me was actually quite fearful of leaving the confines of traditional medicine to
attempt to heal myself.   Once I took the first steps, however, my confidence gradually started
to grow.  As I implemented additional parts of the diet and new detoxifying strategies, I felt
more and more empowered and optimistic.  Certainly, there were some times of self-doubt, but
I didn't allow myself to linger there very long.  I knew that belief in my healing protocol was an
important part of achieving that healing.
My Healing Program
Part One:  Diet
The core of my healing program is the Johanna Budwig protocol. Dr. Johanna Budwig was a
German scientist and doctor who healed many people of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and
other maladies for 50 years before passing away in her nineties a few years ago.  She used to
take people who were on their deathbed from cancer out of the hospital and get them well with
her diet and protocol.  She is one of the most, if not the most, widely respected and
recommended of the "alternative" cancer doctors.  This is a fairly strict protocol, especially as
compared to the standard American diet, and it takes commitment to follow it to heal from
cancer. However, once you are used to it, it becomes routine, and not at all difficult.  So please
don't be too discouraged when you first read the Budwig Diet and Protocol.  It is much easier
than the Gerson Protocol and much cheaper than the Kelley Protocol (two other popular cancer

There is a great Internet support and educational group for following this protocol.  It is at  
//www.health.groups.yahoo.com/group/FlaxSeedOil2/   There are many testimonials of
healing on the site.  You may have to join to read much, but it's easy to subscribe. When you
join you will be sent a "welcome email" with the basics of the program, including a very detailed
diet. There is a “files” section, which you should read before asking questions, as many questions
would be answered there. The moderator and the longer-term members are very knowledgeable
and helpful when you do ask questions.  Sometimes doctors post also.  

There is also extremely good information about the Budwig Protocol (100 pages) here

The Budwig Protocol is a diet and lifestyle protocol, with flaxseed oil as the core of the diet.  The
remainder of the protocol is a vegetarian diet, with some juicing of fresh vegetables and fruits,
and plenty of sunshine, exercise, rest, and no stress (well, as little as possible).  The science
behind the diet is that people have consumed the wrong kinds of oils for so long, which causes
many diseases. By consuming the right kind of oil and healthy foods, and eliminating the bad
oils and bad foods, you can heal these diseases, including cancer. Twice a day, you thoroughly
blend the flaxseed oil with cottage cheese, yogurt cheese (yogurt drained overnight), or quark (a
German soft cheese easily made from buttermilk).  The flaxseed oil, by being emulsified with
the sulfurated proteins in the cottage cheese, is able to be carried into the cancer cells and
returns them to normal.

The Budwig Protocol can work in as little as three months for people that have not had chemo
or radiation. For those who have had chemo and radiation, like me, it can still work, but it can
take longer.  What one needs at this point is a little time and a lot of faith!  
More on my personal
healing time frame and having faith at this critical juncture.

There are three Budwig books available, or you could probably learn enough from the files and
messages.  I have two of Dr. Budwig’s books, but I find the Internet support group to be of
more practical help than the books.  Dr. Budwig didn't believe in taking supplements, so that
aspect is easier than some of the other cancer protocols which require consuming massive
quantities of supplements.  I've included a link at the bottom of this page to give you a preview
of the Budwig Protocol.

Part Two: Detoxifying the Body and Boosting the Immune System
In addition to the Budwig Protocol, I've done extra detoxifying work. The Budwig Protocol is
supposed to be able to heal on its own, but in today’s toxic world, I just think you’re better off
incorporating some of the detoxifying methods available, particularly at the beginning of your
healing journey.  You need a healthy liver to detoxify all that we are exposed to, and all of these
things will help with that.  

Sauna  -  One of the best things for detoxifying and for fighting cancer in general is an infrared
sauna. I have one in my basement I use every night.  I was fortunate to read of the health
benefits of the sauna at the very beginning of my transition from chemo to natural, and ordered
a sauna immediately.  Here is an article by a doctor regarding its benefits and importance for
fighting cancer.   It is in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, entitled “Saunas and
Cancer”.  Dr Wilson states, "If I were to single out one method to combat cancer, it is the
sauna."  I would recommend that anyone with Stage 4 cancer buy or make a sauna as soon as  
Much more about saunas here

Juices and Sprouts  -  I also grow wheat-grass for juicing (wheatgrass growing tips), and I
grow alfalfa and other sprouts.  Wheatgrass is extremely detoxifying, and sprouts are cleansing
as well.  Alfalfa sprouts are SO easy to grow - anyone can do it, even in a small space.  
More on
sprouting.  I cannot seem to eat totally raw (some of the raw foods diets are good for cancer),
but I do eat a vegetarian diet, as is required by the Budwig Protocol, supplemented with healthy
sprouts.  If this seems extreme, remember there are two ways of eating: living to eat, or eating
to live.   Also, once you've been eating this way for a while, you should notice that food tastes
really good, as the elimination of sugar and empty carbohydrates has the effect of awakening
your taste buds.  I have come to really enjoy my diet, except I will admit that breakfast can get
a bit monotonous.  To counteract that, I've come up with a couple of very unique,
additions to my breakfast.

Coffee Enemas  -  Coffee enemas are excellent for detoxifying and to stimulate the enzymes
that break down tumors.  I know, you're probably thinking, "yuck, no way!"  But, they’re not
that bad.  I did them daily for the first few months of my healing program, and I still do them
when I get the chance.   I think there’s even a yahoo group for this!  This page is very
informative regarding the science behind the coffee enemas:  
/coffeeenemas.html   I've finally overcome my own modesty about sharing my enema method,
only because I do get questions regarding this subject probably more than any other!  So,
my enema page if you are ready to get serious about enemas!

Colon Health -  While the diet promotes good digestive health, the addition of one item,
psyllium husk, can easily take that a step further.  It can clean those intestinal nooks and
crannies of old sludge and help to regulate your bowels.  You'll want to purchase Ground
Psyllium Husks, and if they are not ground, you'll be sorry when you try to drink it!  Take a
heaping teaspoon dissolved in about 4 ounces of water (can add a little juice to make it taste
better).  I like to mix the psyllium into the water with my stick blender.  It goes down easier and
I think it works in my system a bit better, also.  After drinking the psyllium, follow up with an
additional 8 ounces of water.  This can be done once or twice a day, depending on your  fiber
intake from other food sources.  I would start by taking the psyllium powder only once a day,
though.  You also must drink enough water or liquids throughout the day, otherwise the
psyllium can actually have a constipating effect instead of moving things along.

Herbs  -  Many herbs are available in the fight against cancer.  Here are just a few of the more
common ones:
  • Green Tea: easily found, mild tasting, well-known as an immunity booster.  Not a "cure"
    by itself, but worth adding to your other tools for healing.
  • Essiac Tea: a very popular tea used in fighting cancer, which people frequently take in
    addition to the Budwig Protocol. I have to say that there are conflicting studies on this,
    and some say the eight herb formula can promote breast cancer (the original formula is
    the four-herb formula).  I include it because of its popularity; so many people seem to
    have used it with success, but I would caution that one might want to do more research
    on it and come to their own conclusion.  Here is a possible starting point for that.
  • Blood Cleansing Herbs: these are particularly good for cancer.  Dr. Christopher's Blood
    Cleansing Formula is a classic herbal mixture.  It is similar to the Hoxsey formula, which
    is a common cancer treatment.  Dr. Christopher's Formula can be purchased online at
    Extract.html  Look for the "Blood Stream Formula" on that page.
  • Lemongrass Tea: I myself favor a strong brew of lemongrass tea, which is very anti-
    cancer and has a pleasant, mild taste.  Oncologists in Israel ask their patients to drink
    lemongrass tea.  A good place for ordering herbs and teas is www.mountainroseherbs.com

Parasite Cleanse - My family doctor says everyone with cancer should begin their healing
program with a parasite cleanse.  I bought a parasite cleanse kit at the health food store, a
combination of herbal capsules and drops that you take for a few weeks, adding them to your
regular diet.  It was easy and very gentle. Candida overgrowth (yeast) is also a contributor to
cancer, but the Budwig diet should take care of that in most instances (Candida and cancer both
feed on sugar).

Sunshine - Getting regular sunshine is a very important aspect of this program.  Among other
things, it builds Vitamin D in your body, which fights cancer and many other diseases.  Because
it is not known if supplementing with Vitamin D is as good as getting the actual rays from the
sun, and because in northern climates in the winter it's impossible to get the rays that you need,
it's advisable to invest in a good sunlamp.  I am using a Sperti Vitamin D lamp.  These are
available from
www.Sperti.com or at www.SummerTan.com  Incidentally, do not try to get
your rays by sitting near a window, as the necessary UVB rays that produce Vitamin D will not
penetrate glass.  Also, the best time to get those rays are at mid-day in the summer.  The angle
of the sun earlier or later in the day does not provide the necessary UVB rays, as they are filtered
out by the earth's atmosphere at that angle.

Chiropractic -  Gentle chiropractic spinal manipulation has been shown to increase white
blood cell count (immunity).  Some of the more holistic chiropractors also practice techniques
to balance your body energy fields for greater healing ability.  If you want to be really thorough
in your protocol and can afford it, a few visits to a healing chiropractor can be very worthwhile.

Supplements  -  Dr. Budwig discourages the use of supplements on this diet.  I do take a few
modest ones that shouldn't interfere with the protocol.  People sometimes ask about my choices,
so I am listing them here.  
Supplement page
An Amazing New (and gentle) Drug
Another thing I have added to my arsenal is LDN, or Low Dose Naltrexone. It is fairly new in
the treatment of cancer, MS, and AIDS.  Here is a site for that
It works to stop the spread of cancer by boosting the killer cells while you sleep. It has virtually
no side effects, except for vivid dreams, or possible wakefulness the first week, or thereafter if
you are taking too much.  You start at 4.5 mg, and hopefully can remain there.  I am taking 3
mg, because 4.5 mg did tend to keep me awake.  Your oncologist probably won't know about it.
I got my prescription from my GP. I went in armed with some information printed from the
website, and she gladly wrote a prescription for it.  There is a yahoo group for this also
http:/health.groups.yahoo.com/group/LDN4cancer (I think there must be a yahoo group for

I regard LDN as an "insurance policy".  I think I'd probably do okay without it, as my cancer
numbers had already started to decline after I started the Budwig Protocol and before starting
on LDN.  But, being nervous in the beginning about all this, I just wanted to use what I easily
could to improve my chances of healing, and have stayed on the LDN ever since.

On a related note, the hormone melatonin works to fight cancer in your body at night while
you sleep.  It is important to get plenty of sleep during the hours when it is darkest outside, and
to keep your bedroom as dark as possible.  This will boost your melatonin levels.  Here is a link
for further reading on the subject.
 Melatonin article from Dr. Mercola's website   I take a 3-mg
melatonin tablet along with my LDN tablet at night.  Some people take greater amounts of
Places to Start
There are many more alternative therapies out there.  I cannot begin to list them all.  Some are
very good. If you can find a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in cancer treatment, that
would be excellent.  I don’t know of one in my area, and that is one of the many reasons I was
very happy to have found the Budwig diet.  


  • A good book that is easily read, kind of a “quick-start guide” to people newly diagnosed is
    “Cancer-Free” by Bill Henderson.  One caution, though, is that the author tends to
    recommend combining protocols, whicj is not advisable unless you are certain they won't
    conflict with each other.

  • A more detailed look at cancer treatments, both traditional and alternative, is cancer
    researcher Lothar Hirneise’s Holistic Cancer Cure Book: “Chemotherapy Heals
    Cancer and The World Is Flat”  This is an amazing book.  There are many excerpts
    from it here:   http://www.healingcancernaturally.com/lotharhirneise.html

  • Sherry Rodgers, M.D.,  in her book "Detoxify or Die" discusses the  gravity of environmental
    pollution's effects on our health and how to overcome it's ravages in our bodies.

  • A truly inspiring story of a young mother who beat a very deadly breast cancer against all
    odds is “A Cancer Battle Plan”, by Anne E. Frahm.  She had huge amounts of chemo,
    and then bone marrow transplants, and still had cancer.  She then used diet and
    detoxifying methods to become cancer-free and healthy.  *Update 11/2008.  I have just
    learned that Anne passed away 10 years after first getting cancer.  I've also discovered
    that there are those who believe her cancer was sent into remission due to her bone
    marrow transplant, and not due to her juicing and detoxification routine.  Her cancer
    disappeared 5 weeks after her transplant, during which time she had been juice-fasting.  I
    would guess the truth might  lie in the combination of the bone marrow transplant and
    the juice-fasting.  I also think it's a reasonable conclusion that her detoxifying and lifestyle
    added many quality years to her life.  It is still a good read, and an inspiring story.

Support Groups:

  • This support group intelligently discusses many alternative treatments, and you can glean
    much useful information and ask questions of a very broad nature if you'd like
www. health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cancercured

I'd like to add a word of caution about the support groups for mainstream cancer treatments.  If you
try to bring up the subject of alternative healing, you'll likely get a cool reception or get deleted, as
many of them are supported by or have links to the pharmaceutical industry or the major conservative
cancer foundations.  
A short testimony here.

Jump-start your detoxing -  Whether or not the Budwig Protocol appeals to you, here is a
fantastic way to quickly detoxify your system and prepare for any natural healing program.  It’s
a two-week residential program in southern Michigan that helps you quickly get the toxins out
of your system and also teaches you the skills for preparing juices and raw foods at home.  This
is the system that Kris Carr ultimately used to control her cancer in the Crazy Sexy Cancer
http://www.crazysexycancer.com/   However, Kris went to the very expensive,
celebrity version of it in Florida - the Hippocrates Institute.  A much more affordable facility, in
a very down-to-earth atmosphere, is the Creative Health Institute in the countryside near
Union City, Michigan.
http://www.creativehealthinstitute.com/  These centers for healing were
begun by Dr. Ann Wigmore, the founder of the wheatgrass movement. The public may attend
their Sunday brunch and open house any Sunday. “The Dr. Ann Wigmore program for
detoxification and rebuilding vitality of the immune system is possibly the best approach to
swiftly undertaking rejuvenation. Many have realized relief from heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
asthma, digestive and autoimmune disorders.” Donald O. Haughey, Founder 1976
Monitoring Your Progress
Of course you will want to know how you are progressing.  However, CT scans, PET scans, and
X-rays are damaging, so you may want to not use them excessively.  (Read more here
naturalnews.com/025767.html).  There is a test that I, as well as many others, use that is a
urine test for the amount of cancer present in your body.  It measures the amount of fast
growing cells such as occur during pregnancy or with cancer.  (So don't take the test if you’re
pregnant!)  You mix some morning urine with rubbing alcohol and acetone, pour it through a
coffee filter, let it dry, and then send it to a clinic in the Philippines.  There are other places that
do this test, but Dr. Navarro in the Philippines is the one who invented it about 40 or more
years ago, and his son carries on his work today.  The test costs only $50.   You can find detailed
information about this test and the science behind it here

It’s a very good idea to have this test done as soon as possible so that you can compare it to later
ones and track your progress.  My numbers have been edging downward since my first HCG
test in September of 2007.   This means my protocol is working, albeit slowly.  Someday I
expect to get a reading in the normal range, but that does not mean I can abandon this diet and
lifestyle.  If I were to do so, the cancer could return.  There have been many cases of this
happening.   It only makes sense that if you return to the diet and lifestyle that contributed to
your cancer in the first place, that you would be encouraging it's growth again.  I believe you
are supposed to continue the diet closely for another three years before letting up somewhat.  
Even at that point, one should not diverge too much from the principles of the diet.

An interesting note here is that the HCG test detects cancer at much smaller levels than CT
scans or PET scans.   A person who recently joined my Flaxseed group was declared to be in
remission due to no visible signs of cancer on her scan (after undergoing conventional
treatments), but then she took the HCG test which showed that there was still cancer in her
body.  So she is beginning the Budwig diet to bring her cancer counts down to the normal
range.  This is a truly wonderful resource because the knowledge gained through the HCG test  
gives people the opportunity to continue to heal the remaining cancer.  This is preferable to
having a false sense of security based on PET or CT scans, when in fact the cancer is still there
and  beginning to grow again already, as is so often the case after chemotherapy treatment.
Closing Thoughts
Taking chemotherapy is a personal choice.  Sometimes it works very well, and sometimes it
doesn't. During this last year, based on all my reading AND based on my experience, I have
come to believe that the natural methods are much better in many instances, especially when
options might be running out!  Had I known six years ago what I know now about cancer and
natural healing, I like to believe I would have made quite different treatment decisions than I
did back then.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful to my doctors and their care of me.  I had
excellent doctors, who all did a fine job in their respective fields.  It's just that there were options
unknown to me at the time, that were not to be found within the confines of traditional

My point here is that people do have options.  Viable options!  It would pay for anyone to
research the different methods of healing so that they can more easily make the appropriate
decision for themselves if they are ever put into that unfortunate, but all too common, position.  
I am not recommending alternatives in every situation, just recommending that people
research and decide for themselves how they want to treat their cancer.  

I also sincerely pray that anyone reading this who has cancer will do well regardless of how
they choose to fight their cancer.

I’d like to end my letter with this recent quote from a member of my online support group
regarding the Budwig diet for cancer.  This is her oncologist’s response after researching the
Budwig diet:

    “He (the oncologist) told me that the science in Budwig is sound, her premises are correct
    and there are a lot of things in the world that will fight cancer.  It's expensive to try to get
    FDA approval, and a lot of very viable, good things can never go that route because of
    the money.  I can always get the chemo - the toxic stuff, he called it - but this could also
    work for me and I was to let him know if there was anything I needed from him to help

I hope you have found my letter to be helpful, or at least informative!  

Healing blessings to all,
Wanda Cline
WCline111@msn.com  (email address)

www.wandacline.com (my art website)

If you want to print this letter to share with anyone, that is fine, but please do not make any
changes to it.  If you should want to be brave, and show it to an oncologist, be prepared for a
range of opinions, anywhere from skepticism and/or criticism to open-minded support.  They
aren’t all as progressive as the one quoted above.
Preview of the Budwig Protocol
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Questioning Chemotherapy
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Making Yogurt and Yogurt Cheese for the diet
This article  is a journal of my experience and findings, intended to inspire a path of
self-education.   It is not intended to be a substitute for medical or professional
advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Those reading this must take full responsibility for
whatever decisions they make regarding their health care.
"I am absolutely amazed that it
worked this fast, although I feel
healthier than I can ever remember.
Thanks to everyone for your
Keep the faith, it works!"
Susan, April 2009

"  .... the Budwig diet is what I credit
my good health with. I find it very
easy to adhere to. I do not cheat at
all, nor have I been tempted to.

All this in less than three
months....what an amazing journey
I feel I have been on.....from being
scared frozen at the verdict of
cancer to putting it in perspective as
a nutritional deficiency. Best of all I
am free of fear."
Donna,  March 2009

"I have had no surgery...no
allopathic medicine whatsoever.
The tumors in my breasts (both
sides), have reduced by 70-80%
over the last four months on the BP"
Janice, July 2007

"The Budwig protocol is often
dismissed because it is too simple.
People tend to want some
complicated solution that involves
drugs, radiation, and pain.  I'm not
quite sure why that is."
Linda, April 2009
"Of all the nutritional theories
that I have investigated, Dr.
Johanna Budwig’s is definitely
number one ... Nowhere in the
world have I found not even
remotely such fantastic cases
as with Dr. Budwig. It’s

- Lothar Hirneise, eminent German
cancer researcher and author of
"Chemotherapy Heals Cancer and
The Earth Is Flat"
"This diet is far and away the
most successful anti-cancer
diet in the world....
I only wish that all my patients
had a PhD in Biochemistry and
Quantum Physics to enable
them to see how with such
consummate skill this diet was
put together. It is a wonder."

- Dr. Dan C. Roehm M.D. FACP
(oncologist & former cardiologist)
What does “effective” mean?
Whether a cancer treatment is
“effective” or not is a matter of
definition. The FDA defines an
"effective" chemotherapeutic
drug as one which achieves a
50% or more reduction in tumor
size for 28 days. Only 28 days! In
the vast majority of cases, there
is absolutely no correlation
between shrinking tumors for 28
days and the cure of the cancer
or extension of life..

- from "Questioning
With my husband, Ronnie Hock.  
He is a wonderful singer and

A couple of his songs were
written about our ordeal with
my breast cancer:

"The Waiting Room"  was begun
while waiting for my first
chemotherapy treatment after
the cancer returned.  It is about
escaping to a fantasyland, and it  
is poignantly bittersweet.  

"Hold You Close"  is about
getting through the long dark
nights together after first
receiving the cancer diagnosis.    
It's a song of hope emerging  
through the near-despair.  The
ending is prophetic, because I
did eventually find healing  after
much suffering. The song needs
to be redone from a technical
standpoint, but you can still
appreciate the message and
feelings it conveys.

Here is Ronnie's website.  His
ukulele songs are most
excellent!  Enjoy!
Ronnie Hock.com
I am not selling anything or
receiving any compensation
for products or websites that
I mention.

Photos are merely to add
interest, and are not links to
Is natural healing a lot of work?  
Yes, it is. Is it worth it?  
You bet it is!
And these grandsons are just a
couple of the reasons why!
Donations to my cancer expense fund are greatly appreciated.  
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