On the Healing Time Frame
I had a CT scan two months after quitting chemo and starting Budwig
plus detox.  It showed the tumors either as being somewhat stable or
slightly larger, depending on who was interpreting them.  

My oncologist was alarmed at this point and wanted me to start taking
chemo again immediately.  I respectfully said no, I didn't think this
was cause for alarm (not yet, anyway) as natural healing can take a
long time, and that it is common for the tumors to swell a bit before
starting to recede.  I have a very nice oncologist, and I knew he had
my best interests at heart and that he was certain I was making a
terrible choice.  

I told him I really wanted to continue my natural regimen for a couple
more months and see where it took me.  It was at this point that I took
my first HCG test (a cancer test that measures the amount of cancer
cells in your urine) so that I would have a way of tracking my cancer
without resorting to the damaging scans should I choose.  

Two months later I took another HCG test and the my number HAD
GONE DOWN!  Praise the Lord, my miracle was being delivered!   So,
as for the time frame for me, it was four months from the beginning of
my natural diet protocol to the point where I had measurable proof of
its working.  Since then my numbers have gone down slowly but
steadily.  A couple of times my numbers remained the same as the
previous readings, but then the next time they went down.  

On Faith and Nature
The above doctor visit, where I received the news of my disappointing
CT scan after two months on my protocol, occurred in late August or
early September.  I was fighting feelings of fear and apprehension
about this protocol working after
getting the test results that day.  I live
in Michigan very near beautiful Lake Michigan.  I asked my husband
to take a long walk on the beach with me that same evening, a few
hours before sunset. We hadn't done that in many years.

As we walked on the beach, with the sand and the water caressing my
feet, and the warmth of the sun on my skin, the breeze cooling us,
drinking in the beauty of nature, I felt a transformation within me.  I
felt a new confidence in not only my protocol, but in the power of
nature to heal itself and myself.  If nature can heal itself, and we are
part of nature,  it is therefore logical that our bodies can heal
themselves given the right tools and conditions.  (I had recently read
Dr. Budwig's book, so all this was still fresh in my mind.)  Natural
healing uses this connection to nature that I was feeling while walking
on the beach that evening.  

Anyway, walking on the beach, I felt the connection to nature that I
knew my body needed.  It was good not only because I was absorbing
the elements from the water and air that my body needed, but as a
symbol of all that I was doing for my body to give it the ability to heal
itself.  I just knew, deep in my bones, that if I continued with what I
was doing (and added walking on the beach whenever possible) that I
was going to be okay.  It wouldn't be easy, but I could do it, and it was
a heck of a lot better than being at the mercy of the doctors, that's for
sure!  I just felt that the point had come when I had learned so very
much, and I'd been implementing all I'd learned so religiously, that it
was time to settle in and let nature take over the healing with the raw
materials I was providing with the help of Dr. Budwig, the Internet,
and God above.  

Dr. Budwig in one of her books talks about the essential healing aspects
of the electrons in the air that you absorb when out in nature.  She said
that a person MUST get out in nature to take walks, whether it is at the
beach or among the trees of a woods or even a park if you are in the
city.  (She also says to walk barefoot in the grass every day if you can.)  
You must refocus your life in doing that and all the other things that
are beneficial to your body healing itself.  It's a whole new mindset, but
it is very empowering, and one that should pay off in healing and
perhaps spill over to a healthier lifestyle for the whole family.  And then
you have to just put your mind to rest and Believe, Believe, Believe!  If
you are constantly second-guessing your choice, then you are just
adding to your stress level, and one of the aspects of Dr. Budwiig's
Protocol (and should be part of any anti-cancer protocol, for that
matter) is limiting stress to the very best of our ability.
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Photos are of my
"Healing Beach"
at Lake Michigan
You may not have a spot this
beautiful to walk in, but that is
no reason to not get outside to
walk in as natural of an area as
you can find.  For most of the
year, I just walk around the
suburban streets of my
neighborhood.  I'm still getting
fresh air and sunshine.  Because
of the nerve damage to my arm,
I can't handle walking at our
beautiful beach in cold or cool
weather,  so I reserve it for the
warmer  months.