Regarding the use of supplements while on the Budwig Diet:
People sometimes ask about the supplements that I take.  While supplements
are discouraged on the Budwig Diet, some forms are allowable.   It's
permissible to use supplements that are whole foods or whole herbs.  There
are a couple of herbs that interefere with Budwig, so it's good to check first in
the flaxseed group.  I belive Graviola (Paw Paw) works against the diet.

It's also permissible to use vitamins in reasonable quantities that are not
antioxidants, therefore the B Vitamins and D3 that I take.  

You are not supposed to take high levels of antioxidant vitamins on this diet.
I know, that seems to run counter to everything you've heard about vitamins
and cancer, but Dr. Budwig had good reasoning for this.

The Vitamin C that I take, while an antioxidant, is a very modest amount.  I
believe it helps to fight off colds and such, without being an amount high
enough to interfere with the actions of the diet.  I've taken 1000 mg of
Vitamin C everyday for 20 years or more, so really feel that it's best to stay
with it.

As for enzymes, they are extremely beneficial for fighting cancer.  That's a
whole other subject that you could research if you wanted.  Just quickly,
there are at least two reasons for enzymes working against cancer 1) when
you help your body digest food by taking enzymes, it frees up your body's
own enzymes to fight the cancer  2) enzymes help to dissolve the protein
coating on the cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to the effects of
the diet.  

The mineral supplements I am not too sure about in the debate, but decided
to go with them because food nowadays is mineral deficient, and I am not
able to buy that many organic foods that could give me all of those missing

Here are the supplements I take - nothing too out of the ordinary.

Vit C 1000 mg/day
B complex
Mineral supplement some days
Vit D3
Wakami capsules (I make them myself by powdering dried Wakami and
filling the capsules - seaweed is very ant-cancer)
"Super Enzymes" NOW brand - one or two with meals

I would recommend Milk Thistle to anyone beginning the fight against
cancer. I used to take it, but am using the sauna, so don't know as I need both
at this stage (both milk thistle and the sauna clean the liver)  I survived many
years of chemotherapy, and my liver never suffered to the best of my
knowledge.  My liver function tests were always good.  I attributed it to my
regularly taking Milk Thistle or Silymarin, the active ingredient from Milk
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