The coffee enema is really not that complicated, nor is it distasteful once
you’ve got the hang of it.  It can be a relaxing, meditative time, and
afterwards I generally feel refreshed.  Others have said the same thing
after trying it.   It also helps to alleviate any pain you may be experiencing.

I use just a cheap 2-quart enema bag from the drug store, or you can get
an enema bucket online that is easier to clean.  Mine has a short tip that is
easy to insert.  I wouldn't want to use the
longer colon tube variety of
enema kit
, as that is more difficult, and you could have possible colon
perforation if you didn't use it correctly.  The purpose of the coffee enema
is to get that liver flush which helps to cleanse the liver and detoxify it,
and that happens regardless of the length of the tube.  You should feel the
liver flush about 5 or 7 minutes into the coffee enema - a little nausea.  It
is not necessary to use the colon tube to achieve this.

For lubrication of the tip, I use a few drops of flaxseed oil, which I keep in
a small dropper bottle in the refrigerator for just this purpose.  Petroleum
jelly can become irritating, and they also say not to use the water-based
lubricants like KY jelly.

For the enema itself, I use filtered water from the tap.  First the short
cleansing enema: about a half bag, or more, of plain water (then void it),
followed by a full bag of coffee water, holding for about 10 minutes, or up
to 15 minutes if it takes you that long to feel the little nausea of the liver

For the coffee water:
You'll want to use organic coffee, made with filtered
.  Boil about 3 cups regular strength coffee on the stove for a couple
of minutes.  Let cool a bit, strain into a pitcher,
and add enough filtered
water to make 2 quarts of coffeewater (eight cups), adjusting the
erature as you go to get the correct degree of warmth.  You want it
to be
body temperature or just slightly warmer.  You don’t want to burn
yourself with it being too hot, but if it's too cool it's hard to retain.   
(Boiling the coffee in a pan on the stove for a few minutes is supposed to
extract all of the beneficial qualities out of the coffee.

I lay a fat pillow on a throw rug on the floor to elevate my hips, and a
smaller pillow for my head, and a towel on top of all of it.  I have a clock
radio in the bathroom to keep track of the time and to listen to the radio
to pass the time.  I burn incense for a minute while I’m cleaning up,
before opening the bathroom door!

The tricky thing is keeping the enema bag and tube clean.  Any coffee
residue will start to build up and get nasty.  I rinse the bag afterward
twice, once on each side, then fill it again with clean water and reattach
the tube and let the whole bag of water drain through the tube into the
bathtub.  Then unscrew the tube and let it and the bag drip-dry over the
bathtub.  Also, clean the tip with rubbing alcohol.  I've had no problems
since using this thorough rinsing procedure.

I think I've pretty much covered it.  Good luck!

For slightly different step by step instructions on the coffeee enema, you
can go here:
The Coffee Enema
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