A Natural Healing: My Cancer Story
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Budwig Clinic in Europe
Do you want to follow the Budwig Protocol, but need help
getting started?

is an advanced alternative and
complementary Cancer Clinic in Spain. Their approach teaches you
how to successfully treat the cause of all types of cancer with the
Budwig diet and other therapies.   Their wellness program shares with
you full insight into the Budwig protocol and how to make it work best
for your personal situation. They will 'hold you by the hand' and guide
you step by step up to your recovery.
Natural Oncology Clinic in the US
For people who think Budwig is not for them, but would like a
more natural approach than traditional chemotherapy, here is a
clinic to look into.  I am very impressed with the doctor who
operates this clinic, Dr. Vincent Gammill.  I have read his
postings in a cancer group for a very long time
www.health.groups.yahoo.com/group/cancercured), and from
my humble perspective, he seems to have an incredibly thorough
knowledge of sophisticated and cutting-edge natural cancer

Center for the Study of Natural Oncology
437 S. Highway 101 Suite 201
Solana Beach, CA 92075
E-mail: staff@natural-oncology.org
www.natural-oncology.org  (still under
Mexican Clinics
Mexican Clinics
Clinics outside the US are able to use techniques not yet approved
by the US Food and Drug administration, which is slow to
approve anything except drugs.
The following info is from the book, "Cancer Free" by Bill
Henderson.  I can't vouch for these, just passing along info from
the book.

Here's a link to an e-book with detailed descriptions of the best
Mexican Cancer Clinics.  

Clinic Tours
Here are a couple of agencies who give tours of cancer clinics:

Private Cancer Clinic Tours
San Diego
Contact: Roberto Rodriguez
(619) 475-3834

Tour of Tijuana, Mexico Clinics
Modesto, CA
Contact: Frank or Rosario Cousineau (Frank Cousineau is the
publisher of "Cancer Defeated", above)
(209) 529-4697
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