This article is copied from Dr. Mercola’s Newsletter of March 20, 2008
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While I don’t normally focus on the details of cancer treatments, it’s worth
pointing out that it is very rare for cancer to only have one cause. Rather
than simply being caused by a malfunction in your DNA, or a faulty gene
you “inherited” from your grandmother, cancer is more typically
triggered by a combination of the following:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Toxins in your environment
  • Emotional conflicts
  • Hormonal imbalances

Often, cancer can actually be treated, and reversed, by addressing these
variables through dietary changes, purifying your environment, and
addressing your emotional state.

Chemotherapy is rarely the best option for cancer treatment, as it usually
doesn't cure cancer or extend life, and it really does not improve the
quality of your life either. Dr. Ralph Moss, who is the author of eight
books on cancer treatment, has reviewed thousands of studies as part of
the research for his books -- and he has not found one single good study
that shows chemo cures cancer or extends life.

What chemo does do, however, is expose your body to toxins that kill all
cells that multiply and divide rapidly. This includes not only cancer cells,
but also other rapidly multiplying and dividing cells, such as bone
marrow, reproductive system cells and hair follicles.

These are powerful drugs that present an assault on your system -- one
that your body must then overcome along with the cancer. And the effects
do not end right after the treatment. One UCLA study found that
chemotherapy can actually change the blood flow and metabolism of your
brain in ways that can linger for 10 years or more after treatment.

                                                                                  -- Dr. Mercola
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