When my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer, I went
the oralcancerfoundation.org web site forums to find
information and
to seek support for what I thought was to be a
horrible journey
through traditional treatments.

Those forums are FULL of people in the agony of chemo, radiation

and surgery. I did get the support, they are kind people. But ALL of
them opted for the "follow the doctor" protocol with the
cut/burn/poison regimen.

I went back there after my husband healed himself with the BP and

raw diet, letting them know in my posts that there WAS an
and more than one, and that they ought to look outside
medicine--my husband being living proof that it works.

Not long after they DELETED my post. Guess they don't want to

know.... or else the forums are only for the poor people at the
of established medicine. I feel SO sorry for them....

It is likely that  you won't find any mention of
alternative healing on the conventional cancer support
group websites.  The following is a typical experience
posted by a Flaxseed Group member.
A Natural Healing: My Cancer Story
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