"I joined this group in Sept. but have not posted before. However, today I
feel I must write and share my good news: yesterday I received the results
of my PET scan and microtumour analysis - after 4 months on the Budwig
protocol I have "no remaining malignant cells"!!! YIPPEEE, I am
completely cancer free!! Even my doctor is amazed at such extraordinary
results in so short a period of time.

I should perhaps provide a more detailed case history:
I am 46 and was diagnosed with stage 1, grade 2 ER+ PR+ ductal invasive
breast cancer in Aug.2008. Two days after diagnosis I had a lumpectomy
but refused the prescribed course of chemo and radiation. Instead, I went
to an alternative clinic in Germany (I live in Denmark) where I spent 3
weeks being treated by a brilliant doctor.
Before my treatment began I had a number of tests done (this is one
area where I really think the German docs excel):

1. Genetic assay of my circulating tumour cells (the test identifies
which genes are overexpressed - in my case it was p27, MM1 and the
genes for VEGF or angiogenisis)

2. Chemosensitivity test (identifies which chemo drugs have the
greatest effect so that if you do need chemotherapy you can really
target the treatment. In my case 55% of my tumour cells were MDR(multi
drug resistent) so there would have been little point in giving me chemo)

3. Natural substance test (exposes cultures of your tumour cells to 40
different known cancer-fighting natural substances, everything from
bindweed to essiac tea and tumeric, to identify which ones actually are
able to induce apoptosis. Every cancer is unique so what works on one
person's tumour cells might not necessarily work on another person's.
In my case vitamin C killed 65% of my tumour cells, quercetin killed
55% and bindweed about 50%. All the other substances had an effect of
less than 5%)

4. Natural Killer Cell test (establishes both the number of NK cells
you have and how effective they are at killing your tumour cells. It
also tests which known natural immune boosters are able to raise your
number of NK cells - in my case it was mistletoe from apple trees and
thymus peptide)

5. Heavy metal test (any heavy metal overload will compromise your
immune system - I had extremely high levels of mercury and lead)

6. Latent virus test (identifies which dormant viruses are still
circulating in your blood, Epstein-Barr, Herpes etc. Any latent virus
can seriously affect your immune system and needs to be addressed.
Nutrition alone cannot get rid of latent viruses or heavy metals)

After all my results were back my doctor designed a highly
individualised treatment plan which included:

1. Dendritic Cell Vaccine (my own personal vaccine made from my
dendritic cells that were "trained" to attack my tumour cells)
2. Photophoresis to kill latent viruses
3. Chelation
4. Avastin to block VEGF (I had it 4 times in all and wasn't too keen
on it but it did the job)
5. Weekly injections of mistletoe, thymus peptide and Factor AF2
6. Weekly infusions of vitamin C (I know there has been a lot of
discussion on this forum about using vit C but in my case I really
believe its use was warranted based on the natural supplement test
7. Haelan 951
8. Quercetin, incense, chlorella and selenium supplements
9. Arimidex (which I am opposed to and want to stop but my doc says we
should wait another 4 months)

My doctor mentioned the Budwig protocol as "the best anti-cancer diet"
but stressed that she personally did not believe one should completely
forego meat and fish, she says we do need a certain amount of different
animal proteins every now and then.
I started the Budwig diet in mid-Sept.and have followed it more or less
faithfully though I only do the FOCC in the morning as 2 servings a day
proved too much. Altogether I have about 5 FO and 4 FS per day.
Apart from the diet and treatment protocol I also believe that daily
meditation, yoga and EFT have helped me to recover so completely.
Sorry this has been such a long post but hope it has been of help to
some of you!"

(This was post #69120 at the Flaxseed Group, link above))

Note from Wanda:
I contacted this lady to ask if she would mind sharing the
contact information for her doctor in case anyone wanted it.  
She gave me the following information:

"Dr. Ursula Jacob, Alternativ Medizinisches Centrum, Defreggerweg 2-6,
D-83707 Ringsee, Germany. Tel. +49 8022 846 430  Fax +49 8022 846

There are a number of excellent cancer clinics in Germany. After my
lumpectomy I visited 3 different ones - all very impressive - but I felt that
Dr. Jacob was head and shoulders above the others. She is brilliant and
totally dedicated to her field.

I believe there are labs in the US that do the same tests I had done.  Life
Extension has a list of several labs and alternative doctors in their Disease
Prevention book. "  

This is an extremely informative post from a lady who went to a
German clinic for cutting-edge cancer testing.  I wanted to share
this because it shows (and explains) the technology that is now
available at the more progressive clinics.  This was originally
posted at the Budwig Support Group
                                                                   - Wanda
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