Alfalfa sprouts are some of the easiest seeds to sprout, and great
tasting, too.  I like to chop up a whole bunch to mix in my salads.
 When they are chopped up, you really don't even notice them,
except they give kind of a fresh crunch to your salad.  I also eat
them on sandwiches. (I only use Ezekiel Bread for my
sandwiches, of course.  Ezekiel bread is made entirely from
sprouted grains, sprouted seeds and sprouted legumes which have
then been baked at a low temperature and frozen.  You can find it
in the freezer section of your health food store or some big
discount/grocery stores.)

A great snack is to sprout some green lentils (must be green, the
brown ones won't work) and sprout them for a couple of days.  
Then sprinkle with a little onion powder and sea salt - yummy!

For sprouting, you can buy 1/2 gallon sprout jars at your health
food store or online (made by the NOW brand).  It comes with a
steel screen on the lid for draining out the soaking and rinsing
water, and it comes with a set of instructions as well - all for
about $4.00!
They make smaller ones, but I wouldn't waste my money on a
smaller one.

Happy Sprouting!
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When my alfalfa sprouts have leafed out, after
about 6 days in their jar, I like to spread them
out in a pan and put them in a window for the
day to green up.   Use indirect light for this,
NOT a sunny window.

I use a disposable aluminum baking pan for this
(which I don't dispose of).  I punch out a lot of
holes in the bottom with an ice pick for
drainage, and set it on top of another tray with
just a small rim to catch the drips.  I then put
the clear plastic lid which came with the
disposable pan on top to keep the dust and
whatever out of the sprouts.  I've also punched
a lot of holes in the lid to let the warm air
escape.  If the sprouts were to get too warm,
they would quickly wilt and spoil.  Sprouts need
good air circulation.
I spread my alfalfa sprouts on a tray and
set them in a window in indirect light on
the final day to green them up.  I found a
bottle of the right height to balance the
tray on the windowsill.