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First, here is an excellent, very thorough article by Dr. Wilson about the
benefits of the sauna and the physiology behind it's effect on cancer.  I highly
recommend reading this article.

Another of his articles has interesting reading about not only saunas, but
his comprehensive pholosophy on cancer in general:

There are two kinds of saunas for cancer, the far-infrared heat sauna, and
the near-infrared light sauna.  The differences are explored here VS. FAR I.htm

I believe they are both effective at cleansing the liver, which is of greatest
importance.  When dealing with cancer, most people use their sauna solely for
the liver cleansing effect, which in turn works to combat the cancer.  

If you are after direct therapy of a tumor that is close to the skin, then the lamp
sauna would be preferable, as it reaches a bit deeper into the tissue.  The benefit
to the liver, however, is not dependent on the depth of the rays reaching into
your body, but rather as a result of the intense sweating.

The far-infrared sauna is easily avaiable to purchase online, but the wooden
models can be pricey.  There are inexpensive soft-sided portable saunas for a
few hundred dollars.  I purchased my sauna from
National Pool   I have a wooden sit-down  model that has a hole for my head
to stick out.  I just love it!  However, the last time I checked, they were n't
carrying that model any longer.   It was reasonably priced, also, at about $600.

The near-infrared light saunas can be built at home fairly easily and cheaply  if
you prefer.  Dr. Wilson offers simple plans

As for the length of time to sauna, the recommendations vary widely.  On the
radical end of sauna therapy, where the sauna is used as the major part of
healing, it is used for an hour, two or three times a day.  This comes with its own
set of precautions as to the electrolyte imbalance possible from all the sweating.
 If you want to use it this much, you should do some further research about
using it to that extent.

On the modest end of the sauna therapy spectrum, it is said that 15 or 20
minutes a day will do, just so you work up a good sweat to get the toxins out.  
That's the sauna philosophy that I subscribe to, as it is obviously easier, and,
since  it is a supplement to other parts of my protocol, not the mainstay of it, I
believe my 20 minutes daily to be adequate. P
eople with many tumors would
probably benefit from longer, more frequent sauna sessions.

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