This program is essentially a lifelong commitment, especially if you are
dealing with a Stage 4 cancer like I am, and recovering from years of
chemotherapy.  Yes, my routine is very time-consuming,  with coffee
enemas and saunas daily, growing sprouts, shopping for fresh veggies and
preparing them, getting sunshine and exercise.  It's my work, really.  But it
beats chemotherapy by a longshot.  I can enjoy myself while partaking of
each of my activities, whereas nothing, and I mean NOTHING about chemo
was enjoyable.

Below is a useful quote from the moderator of the Flaxseed Oil Group
regarding the possiblity of the cancer growing again if you stray too far from
the protocol after achieving your initial goals.
                                                                                        - Wanda

"Anyone who has had cancer is prone to a return of the condition of
cells becoming dysfunctional. Dr. Budwig warned about straying too
far from her program.

She explained that the cells can become healthy and stay healthy if
the cancer patient 1] closely follows her full nutritional therapy
program for several years and after that doesn't stray too far,
2] learns how to lower stress instead of becoming focused on goals
other than their own well-being, and 3] gets a healthy abundance of

When we don't make our health a priority, we can begin having
internal disturbances long before we feel or see any sign of them.
Our daily choices can be making us ill and we don't even realize it.
The wonderful thing is Dr. Budwig created a way to change that."  

                              .... Sandra Olson,  moderator of the Flaxseed Oil Group
A Lifelong Commitment to Health:
Continuing on the Healing Path
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