Ezekiel Bread
For breakfast, I like to have a little something besides the required
Meuseli with Fuit (more on Meuseli later).  Here's what I've come up
with that's healthy, compatible with the diet, and appealing to me in the

  • Option 1 - Mini-Veggie Sandwich
    I sometimes make a mini sandwich out of one piece of Ezekiel
    bread (bread made from sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes,
    found in the freezer of your Health Food Store or larger groceries),
    Dijon mustard and homegrown alfalfa sprouts.  Good also with
    thinly sliced cucumber and tomato.

  • Option 2- Creamy Spiced Raw Buckwheat Cereal
    Okay, this gets a little weird for the uninitiated, but it's quite
    yummy when you get used to it.  The concept is from the raw foods
    people, and the seasonings are mine.  It is very, very healthy, as
    buckwheat is highly recommemded by Dr. Budwig, and it's raw,
    which means it has loads of good enzymes.

    Take about 1/4 cup of raw buckwheat groats (from the health food
    store or order online), and soak them in water overnight on the
    kitchen counter.  Or you may soak them for just one hour in the
    morning, whichever is more convenient.  In the morning, put
    them in a mini-food processor or blender with some water.  Blend
    for a moment, until the groats start to break up but aren't yet
    mushy.  At this point, drain and rinse them again, quite
    thoroughly, using a fine gauge wire strainer.  Return them to the
    blender, this time adding a teaspoon or so of milk, a few drops of
    liquid stevia (optional), a few raisins, cinnamon (a lot), ginger (a
    generous pinch), nutmeg (a dash),  and/or allspice (a dash).  Blend
    for a few seconds only.  Pour into a dish and enjoy!

    All the rinsing is because the soaking has activated the enzymes
    required to start the groats growing into little buckwheat seedlings.  
    These enzymes make the buckwheat quite slimy.  If you can get
    used to this, then do less rinsing.  If you don't care for the slime
    factor, then follow my rinsing procedure.  

    You can experiment with the chopping in the food processor - you
    may like less chopping, or none at all - you don't need to chop the
    groats, you can eat them whole.  Or, you can grind them finely,
    with less liquid, and then it can resemble cookie dough.  Anyway, I
    just love the seasonings with the chopped groats, and it's especially
    enjoyable knowing how healthy it is!

    Also, you could use the soaked buckwheat groats, rinsed in hot
    water,with different seasonings for lunch or dinner, much like you
    would season rice or noodles.  Just get creative.

A Couple of Unique and Healthy Breakfast Options

(Umm, please don't write these off
until you've tried them, okay?)
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