I was born in 1953 in Flint, Michigan (my maiden name was Lawcock), and
was raised in farm country near the town of Swartz Creek.  From a young
age, art and music were my main interests, and continue to be to this day.  
In addition to my art, I also am a church organist.  My earliest art
endeavors were drawing paper dolls and paper doll clothes as a young
child.  To a certain extent, I suppose I am still doing that with my portraits!

My formal art training took place at Western Michigan University and at
Kendall College of Art and Design.  I've also taken art classes while living in
Los Angeles (1976-84), and again in Michigan after moving to Muskegon in
1984.  However, most of my portraiture was simply learned through

In 1988 I started painting portraits professionally, and I have truly enjoyed
working with each of my many clients over the years as together we
fashion an appropriate work of art for their home and family.  I have not
been one to join art clubs and enter competitions.  It is my preference to
just let my work speak for itself and try to please my customers as
opposed to pleasing the art critics.  My work is not stylized or contrived.  
My paintings are simple and honest, and because of this they are often
referred to as having a charming innocence.

I am married to
Ronnie Hock, who is a singer and an amazing songwriter; I
have a daughter who is a teacher, a stepson who is a writer and college
professor, and three beautiful grandsons.

In August, 2009 I suffered a very nasty reoccurance of beast cancer, which
has put me in a wheelchair (hopefully only temporarily).  I look forward to
painting once again when I am on my feet.  
More about that here.
Muskegon, Michigan

Creative Portraits by
Wanda Cline
December 2006
In the interest of fair
disclosure, here is a
recent photo of me
(2008).  I really should
replace the home page
photo, but since I was
cheated out of years of
painting time by cancer,
keeping my front page
display photo is my way
of turning the clock
back in my painting
Return to
My painting is temporarily
suspended due to a
serious reoccurance of
breast cancer.  I hope to
return to painting in the
future, and am leaving
this site up with that
goal in mind.
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